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Direct-hire and Temporary Staffing


Have you ever had to cancel patients or procedures due to being understaffed? Have you had to close a clinic for a day or an entire week? It happens!


AccuOne Hiring Solutions knows that medical facilities and practices sometimes find it challenging to keep their experienced Sonographers on staff. Being understaffed perpetuates the problem and the cycle continues. We will fill your vacancies and solve this problem.

AccuOne hiring vascular exam talent
AccuOne hiring and recruiting man doing thyroid study

Are you at risk for losing your Registered Sonographers to competitors?


It is important to keep your trained Sonographers on staff and to hire quality, registered Sonographers for the ultrasound studies you perform. Common Sonographer experience we focus on in our direct-hire searches include studies for vascular, abdomen, obstetrical and gynecological, pelvic, arterial, thyroid, echo, breast, and musculoskeletal. Some registries might include RVT, AB, OBGYN, BR, AE and MSKS. 


Our candidate referrals are:

  1. experienced Sonographers with the training, expertise, and registries you require
  2. prepared to learn your clinical protocols and to become productive quickly 


We will solve the problem of Sonographer shortages which will result in more studies, more treatment, more procedures and your ability to generate more revenue.

What are we hearing from Sonographers?


Many Sonographers are overworked, frustrated, and tired – without additional help they are more likely to consider other employment. They might take a job with a competitor. This creates one vacancy after another vacancy.


  1. They are double-booked and triple-booked throughout the day. There is no time to take a lunch break.
  2. Scheduling volume is high, the waiting room fills up and patients walk out. This becomes a missed revenues opportunity for your organization. The patients who may have required treatments or a procedure go elsewhere. A competitor benefits!
  3. Patients endure long waits in hospitals for Sonographers to get to them and tie up much needed beds for additional patients.
  4. It’s difficult to complete quality studies when rushed. Safety and risk may become a real concern.
  5. They have physical injury and strain to arms, shoulders, neck and back. This causes a slowdown in performance, the need for sick days, or again, they may consider leaving for another opportunity. Yet, another vacancy and a great find for a competitor with proper staffing in place.


Who suffers? Everyone suffers. Of course, all of these problems and disruptions affect morale, health, and the bottom line. We will solve this problem!


Need help? Contact us soon! We will get back to you as quickly as possible.